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Design of Motorsport Components

With 30 years of innovation and experience in the motor sport industry, Galmer offers a complete range of design solutions for all aspects of the race car and general automotive industry. Galmer can provide services ranging from the design of complete cars to specific items such as chassis, suspension systems, axle assemblies and transmission systems etc. Galmer also has experience in designing wind tunnel models for use in a variety of size and scale of wind tunnel, and can provide aerodynamic CFD analysis using Star-CD.

Along with Galmer's technical partners, developed over years of working in the industry, there are very few areas in automotive design that cannot be addressed. Galmer's experience extends to all phases of systems procurement. Our knowledge of requirements and processes, as well as suppliers and products, yields excellent results at reasonable cost.

Galmer has extensive experience with nearly every aspect of motorsport design. Below are several examples of components that Galmer has designed from the ground up. Make sure to check out the Galmer Galmer G12 GT design images page for a great example of Galmer's experience with large-scale design projects.

Galmer G12 Front Suspension (Early Stages)

Galmer G12 Preliminary Suspension Setup

Galmer G12 Preliminary Wheel Assembly

Galmer G12 Preliminary Wheel Assembly
(View 1)

Galmer G12 Preliminary Upright Assembly

Galmer G12 Preliminary Wheel Assembly
(View 2)

Front Upright Assembly 1

Wheel Assembly

Front Upright Assembly 2

Upright Assembly (View 1)

Front Upright Assembly 3

Upright Assembly (View 2)

Front Suspension

Front Suspension Assembly

Rod End

Rod End

Differential Assembly

Differential Assembly

IRL Front Rocker

Front Rocker

IRL Clutch Release Assembly

Clutch Release Assembly

IRL Bulkhead Assembly

Bulkhead Assembly

Rear Wing Assembly

Rear Wing Assembly

Pedal Assembly

Pedal Assembly

Race Engineering

Naturally, Galmer provides expert race engineering support. Shown below is a setup sheet used by Galmer, as a sampling of the type of support offered by Galmer. More details are coming soon...

Sample Race Engineering Setup Sheet