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News!! Galmer has opened a new facility in Albuquerque, NM.

  • An award winning motor racing, design, engineering and manufacturing company.
  • Involved in all levels of motorsport.
  • Ranging from club racing to CART, IRL, and F1
  • With Championship and 6 Indy 500 wins.

- An Introduction

Galmer G92 Cutout View

Galmer's experience has been earned in the highly competitive world of international motor racing, meeting the needs of the world's finest race car drivers and their teams. A world where there is no room for compromise. A world where a fraction of a second is the difference between winning and losing, and being second is being nowhere.

When Alan Mertens founded Galmer in 1988 he had just one aim in mind: to provide the company's motor racing clients with a competitive advantage. Within two years a Galmer engineered car had won the PPG IndyCar World Series. Two years after that, Galmer designed and built the car that won the Indy 500. Galmer was on its way.

Galmer has designed and manufactured components that help the leading Formula One, IRL, CART, Touring Car and Club Racing teams win races and championships. The company has been involved with the design and development of prototype and limited manufacture components for many of the world's leading European, American, and Asian automobile manufacturers. For these same clients, Galmer also develops full concept cars. These companies value the experience and application of a team that can work quickly and accurately, yet under great pressure. A team that understands what is required, and has the ability to deliver.

Galmer G92 First Run

Staying ahead in the field of cutting edge design and manufacture is a demanding occupation that requires the right people, supported by the right technology.

Galmer has a deep, hands-on experience of high tech materials and technology. Working on problems, taking technology to the edge.

The skills and abilities of the Galmer team are put to the test in a variety of ways, large and small. A major automobile manufacturer may need to design and test new suspension parts for a road car that is in the early development stages - or even to produce a complete concept car.

In order to stay ahead, Galmer has to start solving problems even before they occur! Will a new generation of materials work better than the ones that exist now? What effect will changing a particular design element have on the overall performance? How can the latest advances in race car engineering help develop safer road cars? And, how can Galmer help you to gain that vital fraction of a second, or develop that special project in half the time it would normally take?

Rest assured. It's what we do. Without compromise.

Complex mechanisms and assemblies Galmer G 15-00